Stuck in the mud

Age group: 3 year olds and over

Objective: To improve your players’ dribbling skills.

Age group: Three years old and upwards.

Number of players: Whole team.

Set up: create a 30×40 yard grid. Every player except one has a ball.

How to play: Select one player who is “it”. Each of the remaining players should be standing in the grid with a ball waiting for the coach to blow a whistle.

On the whistle, the players with a ball dribble round the grid trying to avoid getting tagged.

If a player is tagged, she must pick the football up, hold it over her head and stand with her legs apart.

Frozen players should be encouraged to shout ‘help!’ as loudly as possible.

To release the “frozen” player, an ‘unfrozen’ player must pass her ball through the spread legs of the “frozen player”.

Once the player is “unfrozen”, she resumes dribbling in the grid. If a player dribbles the ball outside of the grid, that player is “frozen”.

Key soccer coaching tip: if the tagger is finding it hard to catch the other players, add another tagger or two.

Coaching points:

Players must dribble and keep close control of their ball.

Players should keep their head up and see where the “tagger” is located.

Players should dribble away from the “tagger” and dribble toward teammates who need to be “unfrozen”.