Through the wall

through the wall

Objective: Encourages young players to pass the ball (rather than hold on to it for too long) and create space.

Age range: Six to 10.

Number of players: Eight to 14.

Equipment: Six balls, training vests.

How to play:

  • Divide your squad into two teams and create a 15×10 yards playing area.
  • One team becomes a wall and must link arms with each other facing the attacking team in the centre of the rectangle.
  • Once the attack has touched the ball, the wall can move forwards or sidewards but not backwards.
  • The attackers take their turn to dribble the ball past the wall and the wall has to stop them.
  • The wall is not allowed to break up – players must keep their arms linked.
  • Then the attackers have one ball per pair and must pass their way past the wall.
  • Once again the wall can only move forwards or sidewards and must not break up.


Add more players to the wall.

Use three attackers to pass with one ball.