Traffic cones

This game is pure fun and it’s so simple that even four and five-year-olds can play it yet 15-year-olds will get a lot from it too.

Objective: To improve shooting technique, passing and communication.

Set-up: Use a circular or rectangular playing area about 30 yards across.

  • Place a large traffic cone (or a flat cone with a ball balanced on top of it) as a target in the middle of the area.
  • Mark out a circular five-yard exclusion zone round the cone.
  • Divide your players into teams of three of four.
  • Three teams per playing area.

How to play: Each team tries to score a point by hitting the target. Players cannot enter the exclusion zone. First team to five wins.


Make the game easier for very young players by placing a number of targets within the exclusion area.

Make the game harder for older, more experienced players by reducing the size of the playing area.

Add a goalkeeper or a defender to work in the exclusion zone protecting the cone.

Play with two balls.