Big goals, small goals

This is a good game for improving communication skills among your players. The players attacking the two small goals have to work together to score in an unguarded goal.

The team attacking the large goal has two goals to defend with just four players. Talking to each other is required!

Skill level: intermediate

Set up: place two small goals at one end of a 30 yards by 40 yards area and a full-size goal at the other end.

Divide your squad into teams of four and five.

How to play: the team with five players has a goalkeeper and four outfield players. This team attacks the two small goals. The team of four attacks the large goal.

Coaching points: encourage good, loud communication between the players.

The team of five should be trying to switch play from one side of the playing area to the other quickly while the team of four (attacking the large goal) need to think about what to do if they lose the ball. For example, should two players be assigned to protect each goal?