Change soccer

Chnge soccerOrganisation

Group is split into two; if odd number, coach joins in or plays the strongest squad a player short.

In the example shown, three players from each team play a normal game.

Three players on each team are collective goalkeepers; positioned no more than 2-yards off each goal line.

They are not allowed to handle ball.

Goals count only below knee height.

Coach shouts “Change!” and on-field teams run back to goal line, without touching the ball again, to become the goalkeepers.

Goalkeeping teams become the on-field teams and move quickly to win possession.

Coach shouts “Change!” at any time.

Make goals wide enough so that it’s not too difficult to score.

Any major infraction means a free shot from the half-way line, with no goalkeepers.

Teaching Points

Encourage players to pass frequently in order to create scoring chances.

Encourage goalkeeping team to move sideways together, as a wall.

Defenders should help each other and stay on their feet as much as possible.


To outscore the opposition.