Cobra’s Lair

This drill promotes passing and team work along with very eager defenders, I made this one up and my U10s love it. I call it The Cobras Lair.

Set up: 3 forwards, 2 defenders and a goalie (optional)

Rules: Defenders must stay in the goalie box (penalty area) at all times.

Offence must do at least 3 passes touching all players before shot is taken.

The three forwards start their way down towards the goal. At this point the coach needs to decide if he is satisfied with the passing or if there was the proper amounts of passing because at any given time they mess up the coach lets one defender loose from the box if they were real bad (or you have a real good player on the forward line) you let both out. They woke the cobras!

Also if you like what you see and they are close enough but not in the box then they earned the right to fire at the goalie. Now it’s up to you but I always say they got away with the golden soccer ball.

This has been one of most successful drills, I started it with U8 and kept it going in U10.

Have fun with it.