Cone knock off

Objective: To improve passing, movement off the ball and teamwork.

Age group: U7s to U12s.

Equipment required: Some flat cones, three balls, training vests in two colours.


  • Create a 25-yard square playing area.
  • Divide your players into a team of four (the attackers) and a team of two (the defenders).
  • If you have more than six players, vary the numbers in each team or (preferably) set up two playing areas.
  • Balance two balls on top of flat cones and place them in two corners of the playing area.

How to play:

  • The attacking team’s objective is to knock the two balls off the cones.
  • The defending team protects the balls by blocking shots, tackling and trying to gain possession of the ball.
  • Play for two minutes. If the attacking team succeeds in knocking both balls off, it earns a point.
  • If defenders can hold the attackers at bay for two minutes, they get a point.

Coaching points:


  • Good movement off the ball.
  • Quick decisions.
  • Spreading out and using the whole playing area.


  • Good communication.
  • Close down the attacker with the ball quickly but don’t dive in.
  • Don’t allow the attackers to split you with a pass.


1. Play 3v1.

2. A ball that is knocked off a cone is in play and can be used to knock the other ball off.

3. Add a third or fourth ball on a cone.

4. Make the playing area bigger or smaller.

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