Four way football

This game will encourage young players to play with their heads up and spot opportunities as they try to score in three goals while defending their own.

Objective: To practice shooting, football “vision”, communication and support play.

Age range: U6s to U14s.

Set-up: Create a 30-yard square with a goal on each side line.

Divide your squad into four teams. Goalkeepers are optional.

How to play: Each team defends one goal and attacks the other three.

Play first to five goals wins the game or play for a set amount of time.

Coaching points:

Encourage quick, positive play. Emphasise the need for the players to keep their heads up and switch play to unguarded goals.


  • Play with two balls.
  • Use five teams. Play the game as described above but, when one team concedes two goals, they are replaced by the fifth team. Play does not stop, so the fifth team has to be observant and prepared to enter the game quickly. This improves transition.

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