Grab some points

Objective: Quick dribbling, teamwork, good ball control, decision making plus some fun and competition.

Age group: U6s to U10s.

Grab points

Set up: Place an equal number of bibs, markers and balls in four squares as shown below.

Teams of players, of any number, line up in their Team Camp.

How to play: On your command, the first player in each team (chosen by the teams, not you) dribble their ball to any of the four squares to collect one item.

They score the allotted number of points when they bring it back to the Team Camp.

When they get back, another player – again, chosen by the team – dribbles a ball to a square of his choice and collects another item.

When all the items have been collected the points are totalled up to decide a winner.

Progression: Players to dribble with weaker foot.

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