How many goals??

Objective: to improve short passing, communication and “vision”.

Experience: U10 upwards.

Set-up: play 4v4 in a playing area 30 yards long by 25 yards wide. Place five small cone or pole goals randomly within the area.

How to play: Teams score a point by passing through a goal to a team mate. First team to score 10 points wins the game.

Soccer coaching points:

  • The ball carrier should lift their head up to see where the open goals and their team mates are.
  • When the ball is passed, the receiver should take a quick “picture” of the playing area so they know who they are going to pass to before the ball arrives.
  • The ball should be struck firmly and halfway up so that it stays on the ground.
  • The non-kicking foot should be pointing to where you want the pass to go.
  • A player’s head and shoulders should be over the ball when it is struck.