In and out

Objectives: To improve passing, receiving and movement off the ball.

Age group: U8s to U14s.

Set-up: Create a 40×30 yards playing area with a five-yard box marked out in each corner.

Divide your players into two teams of five or six.

How to play: Teams score a point by passing to a team mate who is in one of the corner boxes.

  • To begin with, allow players to wait inside the boxes for a pass.
  • Once they have got the hang of the game tell them that waiting in the boxes is no longer allowed. They must retain possession in the area and only make a run to one of the boxes when a pass is on.
  • Passes only count if they are controlled inside the box by the receiving player.

Progression: Points are only scored if the receiving player can pass the ball out of the box to a team mate.

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