In the zone

This game is called “In the Zone”, it is great for improving passing and receiving skills, finding space to receive a pass, team-working and supporting off the ball.

Age range: U8s and upwards.

End zoneSet-up: Create a 30×20 yards playing area with a five-yard wide channel at each end marked out with flat cones. These are the end zones.

Divide your players into teams of five or six.

How to play:

Each team scores a point by dribbling or passing the ball into one end zone and back to the opposite end zone without losing possession.

Tip: You will need to tell your players which end to attack first and explain that tackling is not allowed in the end zones. The first team to score five points wins the game.

Progression: Put a neutral player or players in the end zones. Now the ball cannot be dribbled into an end zone, it must be passed to a neutral player who has to control the pass.

The neutral player returns the ball to the team that passed to them so it they can attack the other end zone.

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