It’s a knockout!

Objective: to improve decision making, communication, passing and shooting skills.

Experience: any.

Set up: three goals are evenly spaced around the edge of a circular playing area.

The size of the playing area depends on the age and experience of your players. For players up to the age of about eight, I suggest the circle is about 25 yards across.

Divide your squad into three teams.

How to play: each team defends one of the goals and attacks the other two.

Each team starts with five lives. Every time they concede a goal they lose a life. When they get to zero, they are out.

Alternatively, the team that loses all its lives first can join forces with one of the other teams.

Key soccer coaching points: making the goals big and playing with no goalkeepers encourages quick shooting.

If you allow the first team that is knocked out to combine with one of the remaining teams, you will see how your players cope in outnumbered situations.