Keep your bedroom tidy

Objective: To improve ball skills, communication and teamwork.

Age range: U5s to U9s.

Number of players: Whole team.

Equipment required: Some flat cones, a few larger traffic style cones or poles one ball for every player.


Set-up: Create a 30×20 yards playing area with a goal at each end.

A row of cones is spread across the centre of the pitch with larger cones or poles representing the “bedroom door”.

Two teams are placed facing each other, each in their own bedroom.

All players have a ball at their feet.

You stand at the side of the area with a few additional balls.

How to play: The game starts with each player moving around their bedroom, controlling a ball.

Before the game starts, demonstrate a couple of turns and ask the players to try them as they dribble around the playing area.

Drag back

Stop or slow the ball by stepping on it with the sole of your foot. Run past it by a few feet, pivot on one foot, turn quickly and run back the way you came, collecting the ball as you go.

The stop and go

As you are dribbling the ball (usually with an opposition player alongside you), you suddenly slow down then explode away. The most effective technique is stop the ball completely with the sole of your foot then quickly push the ball forwards again with the instep (laces).

Then tell your players to swap balls with a partner to encourage communication.

While players are moving around they are asked to select a captain.

Then shout “Keep your bedroom tidy!”.

All players retire to their bedroom and kick their balls through the Bedroom Door into their opponent’s bedroom.

The captain can select players to stand near to the door to intercept and return balls kicked by the opposition.

Other players will move around the bedroom collecting balls that have gone further into their bedroom.

Should a player score in the opponent’s goal their team gets five points and the ball stays in the goal.

Play for two or three minutes then stop the game.

The balls in each bedroom are counted.

One point is given for each ball – don’t forget five for any balls in the goal.

The team with the fewest points has kept their bedroom tidiest and wins the game.

During the game, you can throw additional balls into each bedroom to keep the game interesting.