Line game

Line gameThe Game

Two teams of equal numbers. Coach calls out a number and that number of players go out into the field. The remaining players stay on the goal line, hold hands, and try to prevent goals. After a goal, or a period of play, coach calls out another number.

Coaching Points:

Call out different numbers, so players learn to interact with different subsets..

Give advantages to certain teams so players can learn to deal with numbers of up and down situations (for example, red team 3 players, blue team 4 players).

After players understand the game, have them switch quickly. it is important that players control who comes out and how. This helps develop organizational skills and team dynamics.

Try These Variations:

Three touch: each player can use up to three touches.

Double points if scored off a headed ball.

Double points if scored off combination (i.e.. give and go, take over, etc.).

Setup: Only one player from each team is allowed to score.