Line soccer


Can be played by two equal groups (i.e. 8v8, 7v7, 6v6, 5v5, 4v4) on a large rectangular or square area with one soccer ball.  Use half a field (approximately 60 yards x 65 yards) for 8v8, 7v7 and 6v6.  For smaller groups decrease field size accordingly.

Boundaries of field should be touch-lines, goal-line and mid-line.  In absence of marked lines (and for smaller size fields) use cones placed about 10 yards apart.  Each team should be in a different colour bib.


Teams spread out on field and one team begins play with a pass (first pass is free – cannot be stolen or defended). Line soccer is played similar to keep-away games except that points can be scored by receiving a pass with the sole of the foot on the line.  Ball cannot be dribbled to the line and stopped – it must be passed.  And to get a point it must be stopped right on the line (or within a few inches).  Once a team scores the opposite team takes over and tries to score.

Variation:  Once a team scores they retain possession and can immediately try to score again.

Coaching Points

Unlike most keep-away type games, Line Soccer encourages teams to spread the field and switch play quickly.  Our teams play a lot of keep-away games to work on holding possession.  Line Soccer works in a similar manner to encourage possession but it also provides a goal.


To provide direction, designate only two end lines as lines where points can be scored. Or award two points for balls stopped on the end-lines and only one point for each ball stopped on the touchlines.