Team dribble

Objective: To improve aerobic fitness, dribbling and team-working skills.

Set up: Split your players into teams of four.

Each team stands behind a cone with a turning cone about 20 yards away.

The team decides in what order they are going to run (1 to 4).

How to play: Runner 1 dribbles a ball to the turning cone and back.

  • On her return she is joined by runner 2 who holds hands with runner 1 and runs with her to the cone and back.
  • When they get back, runner 3 holds hands with runner 2 and all three run to the turning cone and back.
  • Then runner 4 joins the group for the final run.

Make it a competition between the groups to see who can complete the exercise the quickest.

Play four rounds with a different player dribbling the ball each time.

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