The Real Madrid game

Objective: To develop football “vision”. To encourage quick passing and take goalscoring opportunities.

Age range: U7s to U14s.

Equipment: Some flat cones, training vests in two different colours, two poles, one ball.

Set-up: Place a goal made with two poles (or cones) in the centre of a 30-yard square.

Divide your players into two teams plus one goalkeeper.

How to play: Both teams try to score in the goal.

  • Goals can be scored from either side.

The goalkeeper is neutral and tries to save shots from both teams.

  • Play for a set time or until one team scores a certain number of goals.


  • Play with uneven teams (i.e. 5v3) to encourage players to make use of a numerical advantage.
  • Play with three teams instead of two.
  • Each team has a target player. These are the only players who can score.

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