The transfer game

Objective: This soccer coaching game is a useful one to help youngsters practice overload situations (4v3, 5v2 and so on).

It also helps solve that old soccer coaching problem – how to pick teams for the end of session scrimmage!

Set up: create a playing area 30 yards wide by 40 yards long and divide your players into teams of four.

Use two teams per playing area.

Coaching note: if you have an odd number of players, you can make teams of either three or four but try not to have more than four players in a team. If you have a spare team, they can work as side supports.

How to play:

Play a normal match in each playing area with the condition that a player who scores a goal immediately transfers to the other team.

If you are playing 4v4, for example, as soon as the first goal is scored, one team will have five players and the other will have three.

Play for a set time or first to a certain number of goals wins.