Tikka Takka

Age range: U7s and upwards.

Set-up: Create an 18×12 yards playing area with two-yard-wide goals made with cones or flags at both ends.

Divide your players into two teams of five.

How to play: Three players from each team play inside the area. The fourth and fifth players on each team work as a support player on the sidelines.

The object of the game is to score by stopping the ball between the cones or flags on your opponent’s goal line.

Players are encouraged to include at least one pass to a supporting player in every move.

A supporting player on the sideline, who receives a pass, dribbles the ball onto the playing area (or passes to a team mate) and the player who passed to the supporting player swaps places with him.


  • Passes to supporting players must be successful (i.e., controlled). If not, the other team gains possession.
  • Supporting players cannot interfere with each other or try to intercept passes.

Coaching Points:

Pass and move, pass and move!

Look for and highlight: a good first touch, effective communication, speed of movement, playing a penetrating pass.

Note: The supporting players should be encouraged to move up and down the line, calling for the ball.


1) Have a third team ready to come on as soon as a goal is scored.

2) When a team scores, it retains possession but is now going in opposite direction.

3) Use two goals (each two paces wide) near the corners on each goal line.

Tips: If less than 10 players are available, use neutral supporting players. Inside players can hold bibs/pinnies that they pass to the supporting player as he comes into the game.

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