Objectives: To practice support play, passing and receiving.

Age group: U9s to U15s.

Set-up: Create a 20-yard square for every five players in your squad. Mark out a triangle with cones, poles or flags in the centre of each area.

Split your players into groups of five (four attackers and one defender).

Note: You can play this game with two or three attackers plus one defender if necessary.

How to play: Attackers pass the ball around the area, keeping the ball away from the defender. They score a point every time they can pass through the triangle to another attacker.

Make it competitive by challenging each group to get to a certain number of points first or see how many points they can score in a set time.

Coaching points: Good communication (both verbal and visual) is important. Attackers must “stay out of the defender’s shadow”, pass the ball around rapidly and make decisions quickly if they are to succeed.

If your attackers find the game difficult, make the triangle bigger or add more attackers.

If they find it too easy, make the triangle smaller or add a defender.

Progression: Restrict the attackers to two touches (one to control the ball, one to pass).

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