We need help!

We need help

Set up

Grid 20 x 30 yards. This is a football coaching drill for eight players. Use two goals.

There are two teams of four football players. One team wears bibs. Two cones, 1 yard apart, mark the goals at each end of the 20 x 30 grid.

Play starts with one player from each team going 1 v 1 attempting to score. Each time a goal is scored the team not scoring adds a player until there is a 4 v 4 set up. At this point, each time a goal is scored the team scoring takes away a player. Play ends when one team gets all of its players off the field.

Scoring System

1 point-goal with more players

2 points-goal with even number of players

3 points-goal with less players

5 points-bonus for first team to get players off