Continuous 2v2

Mark a small grid 15yd wide by 25yd long, with 2-3 yard goals (marked out with cones) at the ends. Have about 3 teams of two at each end. Teams play 2v2, but any time the ball goes over and end line (whether in the goal or not), the next team waiting at that end immediately starts attacking, and the team that shot the ball over the end line must defend. The team that was defending leaves the field and goes back behind their goal. This game gets moving very quickly; have plenty of extra balls handy at each end and along the sidelines to keep things going. Each team keeps its own score.

Coaching points: Attackers must be ready to immediately transition to defence, maintain shape so as not to get countered. Always be alert if waiting on the end line; if ball goes over the end line attack immediately and don’t let the other team get set up.

Can focus on any 1st/2nd attacker or defender concepts.