Do a turn!

Objective: To practise turning technique, defending, shielding the ball, shooting to score.

Age group: U8s upwards

Number of players: Whole team.

Equipment: Cones to mark out the playing area, two goals or four poles to use as goalposts, a few balls.

Set up: Mark out a 40×30 yard playing area. Position two goals on opposite sidelines but don’t put them exactly opposite each other. Divide your players into two teams.

How to play: Nominate one team to be the defenders. The other team are the attackers. The two teams line up opposite each other on the end lines.

On your signal, one of the defenders passes to an attacker. As soon as the attacker touches the ball the defender closes him down.

The attacker’s job is to score in one of the goals while the defender tries to take the ball away from him.

Coaching points: If the defender blocks the way to one of the goals the attacker should turn quickly and attack the other one.

Make it competitive – keep scores of successful attacks for both teams.

Progression: Play 2v1 with two defenders or two attackers. Instead of shooting, the attacker has to dribble the ball into a goal.