Marking game

Duration: 15 mins

Grid Size: 60×40


The teams play in an area approximately 60×40 yards, with the condition that each player in each team is responsible for marking and tackling his own particular opponent.

If any player marks or tackles somebody other than the man he is delegated to watch, then a free-kick will be awarded against him.

Each team has a ‘free-man’ or ‘sweeper’ who is restricted to playing in his own half of the field and to two- or one-touch soccer.

He can also cover his team-mates and intercept or tackle in his own half any attackers who have broken free from their markers.

(a) Restrict the sweeper to one-touch play only. (b) Allow the sweeper to ‘break’ over the half-way line and into the opponents’ half: the man-markers can leave their own opponents to challenge him if they feel it necessary.