No way past!

Objective: To practice individual tackling and defensive skills.

Age group: U7s to U12s.

Set up: Create a 20-yard square with a goal at one end.

Three or four defenders stand next to the goal and three or four attackers stand at the end of the playing area opposite the goal.

How to play: On your signal, a defender passes a ball to one of the attackers. As soon as the attacker touches the ball, the defender runs out quickly and tries to stop the attacker shooting at goal.

  • The defender is awarded a point if he/she successfully tackles the attacker or manages to keep the attacker from shooting for 10 seconds.
  • The attacker gets a point if they can get a shot at goal.
  • Attackers and defenders change places every three or four plays.

Coaching points:

You can either play this as team game and play first team to 10 points wins or set individual targets.

Emphasise the need for defenders to close down attackers quickly and for attackers to shoot as soon as they can.


1. Award two points to defenders who can keep an attacker away from goal for 15 seconds without tackling.

2. If a defender wins the ball, he/she can shoot at goal.

3. Play two attackers against one defender.

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