Pot black

Objective: To improve passing and receiving skills, teamwork and defending.

Age Group: U6s to U10s.

Number of players: Twelve (but is easily adapted for larger or smaller squads).

Equipment required: Some flat cones, training vests, one ball.

Set-up: Create a 20×15 yards playing area with six small gaps around the edges (the “pockets”) as shown below.

Split your players into two teams of six.

pot black

How to play: Both teams try to gain possession of the ball and pass it (or shoot) into a pocket.

If a team pots a ball, it keeps possession and tries to score again.

If a player kicks the ball “off the table” or commits a foul, possession goes to the other team.

The first team to score eight (i.e. seven reds and a black) wins the game.

Tip: If your players are finding it difficult to “pot the ball”, make the pockets bigger.

If players find it hard to keep possession long enough to pot a ball, make the playing area bigger.

Progression: Play with two balls.

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