Across the line

Across the LineImproves dribbling, ball control and communication

Two teams play soccer on a field without goals. A point is scored when a player dribbles the ball over and stops the ball within three feet of the end line.


“Push the ball into space” – move ahead into open space.

“Keep control of the ball” – when crossing the line.

“Pass the ball if a teammate is open for a pass” – passing is more efficient than dribbling.

“If you can’t dribble forward, look to pass the ball backward” – use this game to teach players the concept of support.


Harder: Stop the ball on the end line for a point.

Easier: Vary the field size. Wider field makes it easier for the offensive team.

Make smaller teams (2 vs. 2 or even 1 vs. 1). Winning team stay on.