Circle, dribble, tag!

To develop dribbling skills with subtle defensive pressure.

Advanced beginner, intermediate

Two soccer balls and four game markers for every six players

8 to 10 minutes


Level 1

Place six players in a 10-yard-by-10-yard grid.

Four players form a circle.

Two players, each with a football, stand outside the circle on opposite sides.

Designate one of these players as the tagger.

On the coach’s signal, the tagger has 30 seconds to catch the other player with a ball while both players are dribbling.

The tagger may cut through the circle, but the player being chased may not.

Level 2

Repeat level 1 procedures 1 through 6.

While the tagger is chasing the other player, teammates who have formed the circle move as a unit to shield the player being chased from the tagger.


Players need to use good visual habits to know when the tagger has changed directions. Changing directions and speeds frequently will help the player being chased.