Objective: To improve ball dribbling skills.

Age group: U7s to U10s.

This is how to set the game up:

Set out quite a large area. To save using too many cones, use a full-size pitch penalty area (44×18 yards) using the lines as the boundary.

Split the players into three teams of five or six.

Place 18 cones, of three different colours, EG. six red, six yellow and six blue randomly in the playing area.

Three of each colour face upwards (normal position) and three of each colour face down.

Each team is assigned a colour and players are lined up down one side of the penalty area. They each have a ball.

How to play:

On command all the players dribble into the area and go to the cones.

They either turn their own colour the right way up and/or turn the other two colours upside down.

This helps them learn how to dribble in a congested space, dribble at speed and keep the ball under close control.

Then shout “Stop. Compound.”

The players pick up their own ball and run back into a compound, which is a coned-off area alongside the main playing area.

The cones are then counted.

Each team is given two points for every one of their own cones that is the right way up. Then deduct one point from the team whose final player is last to get back to the compound.

Play first to X number of points wins the game or for a set time.

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