Dribble, turn, dribble, turn

Objective: To improve dribbling skills and learn two simple turns.

Age group: U6s to U8s.

DribblingHow to play: Players have a ball each and spread out around the perimeter of the playing area, facing inwards.

On your command, they all dribble across the square, turn around, and dribble back. The first player to complete 10 or 12 crossings yells out “Done”.

Between rounds, teach a couple of simple turns (see below) by first demonstrating them and then getting the players to use a specific turn when they get to the edge of the square.

The drag back

Stop or slow the ball by stepping on it with the sole of your foot. Run past it by a few feet, pivot on one foot, turn quickly and run back the way you came, collecting the ball as you go.

The stop and go

As you are dribbling the ball, suddenly slow down then explode away. The most effective technique is stop the ball completely with the sole of your foot then quickly push the ball forwards again with the instep (laces).