Five great dribbling games


Provide a 20 yd x 20 yd. grid (or approximately 1sq. yd. per player). Each player has a ball. Players dribble inside grid randomly using correct techniques and avoiding other players. Players should practice inside and outside foot dribbling, stopping changing direction and pace, and maintaining control while in the beehive.

King of the Ring

Provide a 20 yd. x 20 yd. Grid. Each player has a ball except one player (or coach) who is “it”. Players start to dribble inside the grid while trying to avoid having their ball kicked out of the grid by the player who is “it”. Players may re-enter grid after retrieving their ball.

Attack and Protect

Provide a 20 yd by 20 yd grid. Each player has a ball. Players dribble around the grid trying to kick each other’s ball out of the grid while protecting their own ball.

Shadow Dribbling

Have players pair up, each player with a ball. Leader dribbles while second player follows, also dribbling. Remind players to keep their heads up. Encourage creative dribbling – changes in direction, pace, and technique. Stress control and change leaders frequently.


Players pair up, each couple with a ball in a grid. Player with the ball is “on the attack” and the other player is the defender. The attacking player tries to dribble to any of the cones (aside from the one behind her/her) and touch the cone with the ball. Defending player tries to prevent this. Players switch possession of ball when attacker accomplishes her goal or when ball goes out of bounds.