Long shot

This is my U9s favourite game to play at end of football practice. It is definitely a “warm down” type of activity but the kids love it and whenever I announce we are going to do it they cheer. Strange because it is basically a line drill and uses elimination which are two things I try to avoid… but the kids love it so that is what matters most.

Set up

Work with a normal sized goal and penalty area (marked by lines or cones);

Two teams (X and Y) line up by cones, (shown as small triangles in the diagram above);

Two goalkeepers are chosen, one from each team.


Player from team Y dribbles and has a shot on goal from beyond the penalty area (marked by cones);

The player then moves towards coach C1 who passes a ball for a one-time shot on goal;

The player then moves towards coach C2 who serves a ball for the player to head towards the goal.


If you…

  • score 0 goals, wait on the end of the line to be freed (see 3 and 4, below);
  • score 1 goal and stay in the game;
  • score two goals and free up a team mate who is waiting on the end line;
  • score two goals and free all of your team mates.

The team that last the longest wins!