Robin Hood (revisited)

This is a simple game that works on a variety of techniques.

In its basic form, it is a good way to practise basic dribbling and close control skills for younger players. However, the progressions turn it into a competitive and exciting workout for older age groups as well.

Set up: Create a 30-yard square and mark out four, five-yard squares in each corner and one in the middle of the playing area.

Robon HoodHow to play: Divide your squad into four teams.

Each team stands inside its base – one of the small squares at the corners of the playing area.

Put 12 or more balls into the centre square.

On your command, the first player in each team runs to the middle of the area, collects a ball and dribbles it back to his team. The ball must be stopped in the team’s base box before the next player goes.

The rest of the players take it in turns to collect a ball until all the balls have been captured. The team with the most balls wins.


1. When all the balls have been collected, all players have 30 seconds to steal balls from the other teams’ bases. Players are not allowed to protect their team’s balls.

2. Place lines of cones from the middle square to the team bases that the players have to dribble around.

3. Players have to use their weaker foot to dribble the ball with and/or specific parts of their foot, i.e. sole, instep, etc.

4. When players get to the balls in the middle they have to do four or five toe taps on the ball before they dribble it back.

5. Players have to pass the ball back to a team mate instead of dribbling it back. Their team mates are not allowed to leave their base to collect a wayward pass.

6. Instead of putting a lot of balls in the centre square, serve a high ball into the middle of the playing area. The first player in each team tries to win it and pass it back to their team.