Have all team members choose a partner. Use markers to define a playing area about the size of a centre circle or smaller if you have few players. One ball between two.

One of each pair sits on ground, randomly placed in the area. Those that remain standing are to dribble around in the area, keeping the ball away from seated players. Those seated can grab any ball that comes within their reach. If a seated player gets a ball then they play keep away with other seated players – throwing the ball from seated player to seated player.

Standing players who lose the ball must retrieve it with their hands and resume dribbling. Encourage them to physically wrestle the ball from the seated player. Cheer them on!

Switch the seated with the dribblers after about 2 minutes.

Options: Have the dribblers only use only one foot or have them dribble at a seated player and cut the ball in with either the inside or the outside of their foot. Or the dribblers can dribble at a seated player and use the sole of their foot pull the ball back and make a 180 degree turn.

Coaching point: Dribblers should use soft touches so the ball stays close to them at all times and under control.