Goalie golf

The goalkeeper in a youth soccer (football) team often doesn’t get any special attention from the coach. But they should do! Your goalkeeper is, perhaps, the most important player in your team and you should make sure they get some recognition for the thankless task they perform for you every match day.

Goalie Golf is a game designed for goalkeepers but it’s also good for practising shooting. This game also gives all your players a chance to be a goalkeeper and will help them understand how difficult it is.

Skill level: any.

Set up: create a 30 yards by 30 yards playing area with a goal at one end. Choose one player to start the game as the goalkeeper.

Place a few poles or cones around the grid about 20 yards from the goal.

The remainder of your players stand to one side of the playing area, facing the goal.

How to play: serve a ball in front of the first player in the group facing the goalkeeper. This player runs to the ball, controls it with one touch and shoots with the second.

The goalkeeper tries to save the shot. Regardless of whether he saves it or not, he drop kicks the ball towards one of the poles/cones. His objective is to kick the ball within five yards of his chosen target (you will need to ask him which target he is aiming at!).

If he succeeds in this, he gets five points.

The next player in the group shoots. When every player has had a shot, you put a new player in goal.

The winner is the goalkeeper with the most points at the end of the game.


  • If a shooter scores, he gets five points which he carries forward to his turn in goal.
  • If a goalkeeper hits his target, it’s a ‘hole in one’ which earns him 20 points.