Golden rules for goalkeepers

You may not be able to stop every shot that comes your way, but if you make the attempt, you will find that you are stopping shots you never before thought possible. You will also have the personal satisfaction that at least you made the attempt and your teammates will be more forgiving even if you miss

After a save – get up quickly!

If you have gone to the ground to make a save get back on your feet as fast as possible. Look for a fast break distribution or to direct your teammates into position to receive a build-up distribution. This aspect is particularly important if you are injured. You cannot show weakness, you may tend to your injury after you have started the counterattack. This will particularly intimidate your opponents and raise the confidence in your teammates.

Do not be half-hearted — 100% effort!

Every time you make a play it must be with all of your ability. If you go half way you will miss saves and injure yourself.

Communicate loudly!

You must constantly give instructions when on defence. When your team is on the attack, come to the top of your penalty area or beyond and talk to your teammates and offer support to the defenders. Be mentally involved in the entire match, no matter where the football is.

No excuses! No whining! Just get on with it!

If a goal is scored against you, a corner kick is given up or the shot is a near miss, DO NOT yell at your teammates even if it’s their fault. DO NOT hang your head; kick the ground or the post if it was your fault. During the match is no time to point fingers or make excuses. The play is over, its ancient history, get on with playing the remainder of the match. Focus on what lies ahead!