Keep your eye on the ball

Objectives: to encourage your outfield players to play with their heads up and spot goal-scoring opportunities, and to encourage your goalkeepers to keep their eye on the ball and predict where the next attack is coming from.

Age range: U9 to U14

Set-up: play this game on a slightly narrower pitch than usual. For U10s, 40 yards long by 15 yards wide is ideal.

Place a small goal at each corner of the playing area.

Each team has one goalkeeper and between three and five outfield players.

How to play: Each team – and each goalkeeper – has two goals to defend.

First team to score X number of goals wins the game.

Alternatively, play for a set time.

Put a different player in goal every few minutes or after a goal is scored.


  • Restrict outfield players to three touches.
  • Mark an exclusion zone about five yards in front of the goals where only the goalkeeper is allowed. This encourages your players to take their chances more positively and stops them trying to walk the ball into the net.
  • Set up several playing areas and play a mini tournament.

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