Quick fire

This game encourages link up play and finishing. It is also a simple exercise for improving your goalkeeper’s technique.

Objective: To improve shooting technique and to practise goalkeeping.

Age group: U7 upwards.

Number of players: Whole squad.

Set up:

Divide your players into groups of five. Set up a a small goal with flat cones for each group of players. Have three or four balls per group positioned next to the goal.

How to play:

Put one player in each goal with the remaining four players in two pairs (pair A and pair B). Have each pair about 20 yards away on either side of the goal.

The goalkeeper passes a ball to a player in pair A, who lays off a pass for his partner to run onto. This player shoots. If he scores, the ball is retrieved by a player from pair B on the other side of the goal. He then provides a pass for his partner to run onto and shoot.

If a player misses the goal, he retrieves the ball and puts it with the spare balls you put next to each goal. The goalkeeper uses one of these balls to pass to a player in the other pair and the game continues. If the goalkeeper saves the shot, he turns and passes it to one of the other pair of players.

Make the game competitive by challenging each pair to score as many goals as possible in a set time.

Soccer coaching note: You can play this game with groups of four by having the soccer coach and/or assistants make up the numbers.

You can also play in groups of three by having the goalkeeper provide a pass for the shooters to run onto.