Shot stopper

Objective: For goalkeepers to practise shot stopping and outfield players to practise attacking and defending.

Age group: U7s to U12s.

Number of players: Twelve plus a goalkeeper.

Equipment required:
Three poles, some flat cones, training vests and a ball.

Set-up: Create a circular playing area about 30 yards across.

Make a triangular goal in the centre of the playing area with three poles.

Split your players into three teams of four plus a goalkeeper. To begin with, differentiate the teams with training vests.

How to play: All three teams play against each other and try to score through any side of the triangular goal.

  • If the keeper catches the ball, she throws it back into the playing area.
  • If a goal is scored and the ball stays within the playing area, play continues.
  • If the ball goes out of the playing area, restart with a throw-in or kick-in taken by the first player to get to the ball.Â
  • Every time a goal is scored, change the keeper.
  • Play for a set time or until a set number of goals is scored.


1. Place the goal in the centre of a small circle. Only the keepers are allowed inside the circle.

2. Play with two balls.

3. Take away the training vests. Play for five minutes then ask your players if not wearing vests made the game harder.

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