The continental game

This game has probably been used by thousands of coaches during the years.

It’s a great way to encourage players of any age to play thoughtful, composed football and for goalkeepers to perfect their distribution technique.

Set up: Use a 40×20 yards playing area with a large goal at one end and two smaller goals at the other.

Place a supply of balls in the large goal.

Divide your players into teams of four, plus one goalkeeper, who plays in the large goal for either team.

How to play: Play a “normal” game of football with one condition: Every time the ball goes out of play (or a goal is scored) the game is restarted by the keeper in the large goal who either rolls or throws the ball out.

No kicking!

The outfield players change ends every five minutes.

Coaching points: When the keeper has the ball, make sure the outfield players attacking the small goals get into good positions to receive the ball.

The players attacking the large goal should be encouraged to mark up quickly and try to anticipate what the goalkeeper is going to do with the ball.

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