Three way soccer

This game helps to improve your teams’ attacking, defending and goalkeeping skills.

Age range: U7s and upwards.

Difficulty: Easy.

Set-up: Divide your squad into teams of four or five plus one goalkeeper. It doesn’t matter if you have odd numbers, just make one or two teams bigger than the others.

Create a circular playing area about 30 yards across.

Make a three-sided goal in the middle of the playing area with three poles or cones placed about 6ft apart in a triangular formation.

How to play: Place one player in the triangular goal.

  • Two teams play football in the playing area.
  • They can score through any side of the triangular goal.
  • The waiting teams are spread around the edge of the playing area. They are allowed to stop the ball going out of play and can also receive passes from the players in the centre.
  • If an outside player receives a pass, she cannot be tackled and has to pass back to the team that passed to her.
  • Play “one goal, winner stays on” or for a set amount of time before switching the teams.

Progression: Add a target player who plays for the team in possession.

All attacks must include at least one pass to the target player.

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