Throw, catch, throw

While this is a very good warm up drill to use for a goalkeeping coaching session, it can be used to start any soccer training session.

It’s good fun, fast paced and makes your players concentrate on what they are doing.

How to play: ask your players to get into pairs.

One player in each pair puts their hands behind their back and their partner throws the ball gently to them from a distance of about five feet.

There’s just one rule – the catcher can’t move their hands until their partner has let go of the ball.

Key soccer coaching points: it is important for all your players to stay on their toes and throw/catch from a variety of different angles.

Move around the players, making sure they have their hands in the right position: for low balls (under waist height) the hand position resembles an ‘M’, with fingers pointed down and palms facing forward.

The little fingers of both hands are almost touching.

For high balls received over waist height, their hand position resembles a ‘W’, with fingertips pointed up and palms facing forward. The thumbs of both hands are almost touching.

After about 12 repetitions, put all the players in a circle and tell them to throw the ball from one player to another. The only rules this time are that you can’t throw it to the person next to you or throw it too high.

Key soccer coaching points: keep checking the hand positioning and ensure the players throw the ball quickly and decisively.

Progression: once your players have got the hang of the exercise, introduce a second ball.