Triangle keep

It’s a good idea with young soccer players to rotate all the players in the team, so that everyone gets the chance to be goalkeeper. A lot of coaches just put their weaker players between the sticks but that’s not fair on those players and it’s also short-sighted. Star attackers can easily become star goalkeepers given the chance!

This is one of my favourite goalkeeping games.

Place three cones in a triangle 10 yards apart in the middle of a 20-yard square playing area. One player is inside the triangle as the goalkeeper.

Two or three more players try to keep possession of the ball and score goals by moving the goalkeeper out of position and playing through the triangle. If the goalkeeper intercepts the ball, the player who played the ball last becomes the new goalkeeper.

This soccer coaching game is fast moving, lots of fun and will give all your players a chance to practise their goalkeeper skills.