Bowling with Headers

A fun soccer heading game

Setup: Depending upon the number of kids divide them into equal groups of 5-7 players per group. All players in each group form a single file line except for one player who is the server. The server uses three standard “flat style” training cones and places them in a row about 10 feet in front of the first player in the single file line. The three cones are perpendicular to the single file line and each cone is about 18″ apart. The server places a football on top of each cone.

Bowling with headers

How to play: Each server stands behind his line of three (ball topped) cones and tosses the ball underhanded to the first person in the line. The first person in the line tries to head the ball down and knock a ball or balls off the cones. It’s possible but unlikely for one header to knock all three balls off the cones by knocking one ball into the other balls. The person who just headed the ball goes to the end of the line. The server collects the ball and gets back into position behind the row of cones and serves the ball to the next player in line.

This is a competition between teams/groups. Last group to knock all three balls off their cones loses and must perform a fun/functional task – running, push-ups, etc.