Heading skills for beginners

Coaching points

Contact with the ball should always be made with the forehead area.

From time to time, a player may use the top of their head to flick the football on from a long flighted pass or throw-in.

The eyes should always be open (at least until impact) and fixed on the ball and the body positioned in line.

The player’s mouth should be CLOSED!

To direct the ball downwards, the forehead must make contact with the top-half of the ball.

The side of the forehead can be used to glance headers on and the middle for more direct power headers. In a stationary position, the power comes from the legs, back and neck.

The player “rocks” backward and pushes his body forward to meet the ball.

Practise heading skills with throw, head catch:

How to play: players get into groups of three. One ball is needed. They get into a triangular shape. One person tosses the ball to another person who then heads it to the third person to catch. Every time someone is successful, they get a point.