Heading to score

Heading to score

This football (soccer) drill is designed to improve the player’s heading ability.

Players are divided equally into two groups.

One group is positioned behind the goal to recover missed headers. The second group are split equally and positioned at two cones placed at the edge of  the penalty area. Two servers, positioned each side of the goal, serve the ball in the air and between the two cones placed approximately 12 yards from the goal line.

Players recovering the balls should ensure there is a ready supply of ball for the servers.

The players heading receive a throw from the server diagonally opposite. The ball must be struck after it passes through the cones. Any ball struck before passing through the cones does not count. The group works as a team to see how many goals they can score in a three-minute period.

Coaching points: The emphasis should be placed on accuracy and power. Players should time their runs so that they do not have to break stride when heading the ball.