Shoot, head, shoot

Objectives: To improve heading and shooting technique.

Age group: U9s and upwards.

Set up: Use a normal sized goal and penalty area marked by lines or cones. Divide your squad into two teams (X and Y) including two goalkeepers. The outfield players wait in two lines about 20 yards away from the goal.

Two coaches (C1 and C2) stand in the penalty area with a supply of balls.

How to play: The first player in team Y dribbles and has a shot on goal from beyond the penalty area.

The player then moves towards coach C1 who passes a ball for a one-time shot on goal.

The player then moves towards coach C2 who serves a ball for the player to head towards the goal.


If you…

  • score no goals from your three shots, you wait on the end of the line to be freed (see below).
  • score one goal you stay in the game. Go back to your team and wait for your next turn.
  • score two goals you free up a team mate who is waiting on the end line.
  • score three goals you free all of your team mates!

The team that lasts the longest wins.

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