Three heading games and drills

Throw-Head-Catch (U8 and U10)

Players get into groups of 3. One ball is needed. They get into a triangular shape. One person tosses the ball to another person who then heads it to the third person to catch. Every time someone is successful, they get a point.

2v2 Battles (U8 and U10)

Heading game

In this game, pairs work together to had the ball marked into the goal (cones). Each pair works together to advance the ball to the other team’s goal by heading the ball back and forth or by tossing and heading. The pair who is not advancing the ball must go back to the coned goal and have to stay on the line until the attacking pair have attempted a goal with their head or the ball dropped. Once a ball drops the pair that was attacking must immediately run back to their goal and the pair that was defending can start from where the ball dropped and try and score. FUN GAME! Play for time or points.

Frog Races (U8 and U10)

Frog races

Players pair up and share one ball. Teammates face each other. One player has a ball in their hands, the other is facing them, but in a frog position. When the coach says, “Go” The person with the ball tosses to their teammate who has to head it back into their hands from a frog position. Go to a certain point in the area and then players switch roles.