Objective: To improve passing and receiving skills.

Age group:
U7s to U10s.

Set up: Use a 10-yard square for every three players in your squad.

One ball to each group.

Two of the three players (players 1 and 2) are positioned on one side of the square. Player 1 has a ball.

The third player (player 3) is on the opposite side of the square.

How to play: Player 1 passes to player 3 who receives the ball with the inside of the foot, takes the ball a couple of yards to the side and passes the ball to player 2.

After two or three minutes, change player 3.

Coaching points

Ask your players: What is a good pass? Answer: One that is directed towards the receiver, not hit so hard that they can’t control it or hit so softly that it doesn’t get there.

Remind the receiving player to move towards the ball.

Make this drill competitive by seeing how many passes each group of three can make in a minute or how long they can go without making a mistake.


Player 1 (the player with the ball) passes to the opposite player (player 3) and sprints around him.

Player 3 taps the ball to the side, with his first touch, as the sprinting player 1 comes around him.

The sprinting player passes with his first or second touch to the player facing him (player 2) who repeats the action.

After a couple of minutes, change player 3.

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